What you should know before you go travelling


Travel is only possible with a passport. The allowed validity of the passport varies per destination. We recommend a minimum validity of six (6) months after the proposed trip. Please check this for your destinaton.


Upon arrival, visitors must have in their possession a return or stopover/ travel through ticket. Please check the validity of your ticket in accordance with the permitted length of stay at your destination


When you arrive within 6 days after leaving or traveling through an infected area, health certificates for yellow fever, small pox and cholera are compulsory.

* Yellow Fever / Gele Koorts / Febre Amarela / La Fievre Jaune / List of Countries / Lista paises risco / Liste pays de risque
All passengers who would be travelling onboard our flights, in case they are not vaccinated for Yellow Fever, we strongly advise to have it taken within 10 days prior to travel with us.

Passengers need to have the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION with them at all times which needs to be presented when requested.
If you fail to present this document, we will possibly be forced to deny you travelling onboard our flight.

The travel industry has changed due to COVID-19 pandemic.
On our flights it is mandatory to wear a face mask covering your nose and mouth during boarding and during the flight. Kindly bring your own mask(s) for every 4 (four) hours of flight. Also bring along your hand sanitizer, and antibacterial wipes/tissues to help keep you safe.
* Due to COVID-19 travel restrictions please check the website COVID-19 TRAVEL REQUIREMENTS page for the updates on travel requirements for your destination.