SURINAM AIRWAYS herewith informs that the United States of America, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has announced enhanced security measures for all commercial flights to the United States. These measures will be implemented at the Johan Adolf Pengel International Airport as of July 19, 2017.

Suriname, Aruba and Guyana are three (3) of 104 countries globally where these required measures will be implemented at the International Airport(s). 

  • Changes that will be experienced due to the enhanced security measures include but are not limited to:
  • Intensified overall passengers screening.
  • Extensive (physical) screening of personal electronic devices:  - electronic devices larger than a cell or smart phone (for example laptops, computers or tablets) as carry on or checked luggage may be subjected to further security screening
  • Increased security protocols around aircraft and in passenger areas.
  • Deployment of advanced technology and the introduction of K-9 screening.

Because of the new measures, lines at the security check points may be lengthened.  

To avoid such, customers are reminded to arrive at the Airport three (3) hours BEFORE the scheduled departure time for US bound flights.  Surinam Airways would like to thank all passengers for their usual cooperation in complying with these necessary regulations which is intended to ensure the safety and security of the passengers and operations.


All passengers traveling from risk countries ( see LIST OF COUNTRIES WHO), and who would be traveling onboard our flights, in case they are not vaccinated for Yellow Fever, we strongly advise to have it taken within 10 days prior to travel with us.
Passengers need to have the INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATE OF VACCINATION with them at all times which needs to be presented when requested.
If you fail to present this document, we would be forced to deny you traveling onboard our flight.
Please click on the image below to read the official notice of the Ministry of Health with regards to Yellow Fever.

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The Ministry of Health, Environment and Nature from Curacao has issued with immediate effect strict recommendations for persons travelling from and to Curacao.

The recommendations can be viewed by clicking on the links below :