Minors travelling alone

All Minors between the ages of 05 – 18 years, travelling alone or without parent(s) or legal guardian must be in possession of

  • A written authorization form signed by the parent(s) or guardian and
  • A copy of the parent(s) or guardian’s passport or national ID (must be included)

Surinam Airways will unfortunately deny children who are unable to show one (1) of the aforementioned documents at time of check-in.

Travelling with minors

Because of the strict control on human trafficking, in particular children and / or child abduction, additional control is exercised on adult passengers traveling with minor children (under 18 years).

It frequently occurs that minor children are accompanied by a parent, grandparents, aunt, uncle, guardian or traveling in groups.

To avoid unnecessary delays at the check-in counter and / or at the border control at the airport of departure, we recommend that our passengers traveling with minor children, carry the following documents to be shown at any retrieval, viz

  1. A signed declaration of consent of the parents which clearly identifies that the adult person, may take the child on a journey.
  2. Copy proof of valid passports of the parents or guardians.
  3. Copy family book or family extract or guardianship appointment.

In the absence of the above mentioned documents, Surinam Airways will be possible forced to refuse the minor (s) for transportation aboard its flights.

If you travel to the Netherlands (EU), you can download the "Consent Form" from the Royal Military Police via the link www.marechaussee.nl/reizenmetkindren 
Through this website you can read more information about traveling with minors to Europe.

Travelling to the USA, Aruba, Curacao, Cayenne, Belem, Port of Spain and Georgetown, then you can use our complimentary "consent form", can be downloaded here.

Want to know more about the guidelines that apply in the US, visit the link


If you are travelling to the USA, Aruba, Curacao, Cayenne, Belem, Port of Spain or Georgetown, then you can use our complimentary “permissionform”.

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