Surinam Airways endeavor is to provide the utmost service to all customers, inter alia those having a hearing, vision, cognitive or development disability.

We are continuously working to ensure that our website accessibility standards meet all laws and guidelines such as World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for all customers.

If you have a hearing, vision, cognitive or development disability, we are dedicated to provide you special assistance including your reservation and any other request such as but not limited to completion of necessary medical form, if applicable. Please submit a disability assistance request by clicking this link.

Here are some of the things we’re doing to make our site easy to use for everyone:

Improved site structure

We're working to edit every page on to include appropriate headings, lists, paragraphs and other formatting for better usability with assistive technology.

Built for full keyboard access

We’re developing pages with keyboard accessibility in mind so that users can easily tab through a page to find the content they need.

Added text equivalent

We are adding audio to text so users who cannot hear have a text equivalent to interact with.