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Online Newsletter September 2016




In accordance with the provisions of the Guyanese Department of Taxes, all passengers including SLM passengers departing from Georgetown, Guyana have to pay the local airport tax (departure tax). The airport tax is not included in the ticket price and is GYD (Guyana dollars) 4000 or equivalent USD 21. The amount due can only be paid in cash in one of the two mentioned currencies at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. Paying by credit card is not allowed. When buying a ticket to Georgetown, SLM passengers receive this info on a specially printed SLM flyer.



Flight Status SLM

Being able to follow the SLM flights live? That is officially possible via the Surinam Airways website. The website's home screen shows the FLIGHT STATUS button which portrays an airplane and clock. Clicking on this button leads you to the FLIGHT STATUS page. Follow the instructions as indicated on the page and put the flight number in the specifically indicated bar. Then press ‘Find Flight’ and then ‘In Air’ and see where the SLM airliner is at that time.



Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival Aruba 2016

The Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival will be held this year for the tenth time in Aruba. This festival is a fantastic mix of different musical styles (jazz, Latin, Funk, Soul, Salsa, Hip Hop and Blues) fine restaurants, art, and beautiful handicrafts. Through this differentiation, this festival now has its own identity and it has become a real family affair. Ten years ago the concept/idea originated from the mind of Erik Eman who became inspired by the North Sea Jazz Festival in the Netherlands and the Saint Lucia Jazz. This festival is specially organized not only to provide the Aruban, but also the thousands of tourists who come for it with a high quality music festival. Aruba sea jazz festival is a platform for local Aruban artists who along with internationally recognized and popular artists and/or bands want to offer especially the tourists an unforgettable experience. There will certainly be a rush at the tenth edition of the sea jazz festival.



SLM Ambassadeurs

Since the SLM Ambassador Program has been running fully for several weeks now, it is possible to share a first assessment with our customers and associates.


After reading the written comments and having heard the enthusiastic verbal responses during the flights with an SLM ambassador aboard, we already now can proudly claim that the SLM Ambassador Program is a hit. From said feedback it shows that the interaction between passengers and ambassadors is not only in line with our expectations, but has even surpassed them. Although it is almost impossible to transfer fully the unique atmosphere that prevailed during the flight through photos or video clips, we would like to refer to the links that the ambassadors following their flight have put online. It requires no rich imagination to imagine that these ambassadors make the trip so pleasant that time for the passengers is flying past.


The SLM has developed a new successful platform with the Ambassador Program, where exceptional Surinamese talents and talents with Surinamese roots, can present themselves to you in a personal and intimate way. One of the spearheads of our policy, propagating the Surinamese identity, is reflected in this program.


We are aware that your choice of the SLM is a privilege and therefore do everything possible to serve you as best as possible so that we can contribute to a positive travel experience. Our aim is to stretch the value of your ticket, so as to offer you the best for your money. Our Loyal Wings Program including the possibility to save up tickets to all our destinations is an example thereof.


Let us join hands and help us to improve and make more of our own product: CHOOSE THE SLM